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We take your pets seriously

  • We provide natural, healthy, nutritious food for cats and dogs that they will love delivered FREE to your door (for a minimum $30 order within Auckland).  Buy in bulk in our vacuum packed bags or freeze.
  • Pet sitting in your own home.
  • Dog walking and more…  just ask us!

Paws and Claws VIP Services was formed in early 2012 when our pets health was deteriorating and we undertook more research into the ingredients that was in all processed commercial pet foods available in supermarkets and stores nationwide.  Read the full story HERE about the issues we had with our pets and how swapping them to this natural pet food diet has greatly improved their well being.

After much trial and testing we developed a natural delicious raw meat diet for cats and dogs and launched it under the brand “Naturaw” for Claws and “Naturaw” for Paws.  Our dogs go crazy now for Naturaw!

Adding to our services is our pet sitting and dog walking services.

Check out our “Naturaw” meals and snacks here.

The Healthiest Thing You Can Do For Your Dog

A nutritious, well-balanced raw and grain-free diet is perhaps the most important factor in your dog’s overall health and longevity. Why feed your dog processed “nuggets” when your pet really needs real, fresh food?

Most dogs do not get all the nutrients they need from today’s heavily-processed commercial pet foods – even the premium brands compromise nutrition for convenience and long term storage. In addition to better nutrition, fresh food is safer than processed food and runs less risk of contamination.

With proper nutrition from a Raw food diet for dogs, you can help your dog:

• Slow down, and even reverse, the effects of arthritis
• Clear up skin problems
• Sport a better coat and fresher breath
• Live longer!

About Natural Raw Grain-free Dog Food

The Healthiest Thing You Can Do for Your Dog

“You Are What You Eat” is as true for pets as it is for people

Veterinarians and concerned dog owners have come to recognize the importance of proper nutrition and diet for their pets. Like us, our dog’s digestive systems are designed for natural, wholesome foods – with all the nutrients still in, not processed out. We improve our own health when we reduce our reliance on processed foods, and the same is true for the health of our dogs.

A “Fast Food Nation” of Pet Owners

Most commercial dog foods today are the equivalent of fast food for pets – designed more for convenience than for nutrition.

All dry and canned dog foods – even the premium ones that use better ingredients – suffer from the same shortcomings. Processed dog foods include grains or cereals which dogs’ digestive systems are not equipped to digest. Another major problem is that cooking and processing foods destroy many of their enzymes and vitamins. Processed dog foods use chemical additives to add back just some of the lost nutrients, and even these are often not as bio-available as the original, natural ingredients. In addition, many nutrients are depleted or lost in long-term storage in the factory, warehouse and retail store before it even gets to your home.

Raw Natural Dog Food: A Better Approach

Natural raw dog food uses high quality, fresh ingredients with minimal processing to save the most nutrients and with no additives or preservatives. :

  • Protein
  • Finely Chopped Bones
  • Organ Meat
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Omega 3-Fatty Acids, Herbs, Trace Minerals and Vitamins :

You’ll See the Difference with Natural Raw Dog Food

  • First, you’ll notice is how much more your dog enjoys eating
  • After a few days, you’ll notice how much more energy your dog has
  • Then you’ll notice that you have less to scoop up after your pet, since its food is now more digestible
  • After about a month, you’ll start to see improvement in your dog’s overall health, as its body becomes stronger and better able to fight off disease
  • Finally, after a few months, you’ll notice how much you’re saving in vet bills and medications for your dog.

We Make it Easy for You to Feed Your Dog and/or Cat a Healthy, Natural Raw Diet
Just one phone call or email and we’ll start delivering Naturaw natural, healthy dog and cat food right to your home.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    All our meals come with a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. We’ll replace any unused product, for any reason, or give you a full refund.

  • Start ‘Em While They’re Young For puppies and young dogs, the best way to provide a foundation for a longer and healthier life is to begin feeding them fresh dog food right from the start, so they can develop a healthy immune system early in life
  • For Older Dogs, It’s Never Too Late to Start Older dogs can also show big improvements in their energy level and overall health when they switch to fresh dog food.


As a general rule, a typical adult dog will consume 2-4 % of their body weight per day; smaller dogs eating a higher percentage while bigger dogs eat a lower percentage of their body weight. Also depends on the dogs energy levels and if they are over/underweight.In weekly terms:

  • a 5-10 kilo dog will eat approx 1- 2.0 kilos per week of Naturaw fresh dog food
  • a 10-15 kilo dog will eat approx 2-3 kilos per week
  • a 25-30 kilo dog will eat approx 3.5 kilos per week
  • a 35-40kilo dog will eat approx 5 kilos per week
  • a 45 kilo dog will eat approx 6 kilos per week




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