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Early in 2012, I awoke to find my 10 year old Golden Labrador Hunny lying by the back door.  She couldn’t move and I thought she was dying.  The vet examined her and put it down to pain in her back legs – the onset of arthritis.  She was given a “shot” and put under observation.

I then spent alot of time researching arthritis and gathered some very interesting information about commercial pet foods.  I was horrified and sickened to read about what goes into the majority of commercial pet foods.  I also learned that many common pet health problems such as arthritis can be effectively treated with simple, natural remedies that can be provided at home.

The short term solution for arthritis is to prescribe an anti-inflammatory.  Steriods may help in the short term but they are not meant for long term use.  The problem with this is that it can often have very severe side effects including vomiting and diarrhoea and over time can lead to kidney and liver disease, not to mention they put your dogs’ at higher risk of getting cancer by suppressing your dog’s natural immune system over time.

I did not want my dog Hunny on anti-inflammatories for the rest of her life and decided to chose an alternative treatment which consisted of natural pain relief, massage and a switch to a natural diet and supplements.

Having tested and trialed a natural fresh food diet on all my dogs and cats, and seen a difference in their health, coat and energy, I have trialled and developed a natural nutritious pet food range and taken it to the market.

You see we take your pets seriously………

These are the latest pics of my beautiful Golden Lab Hunny who in 2012 was diagnosed with arthritis and a heart condition that would eventually have taken her from us too early if I had not changed her diet. Being on Naturaw diet she is not only more energetic, her arthritis has regressed.She used to have terribly swollen joints which are now very much diminished. She does not need to rely on steroids for her arthritis and does not require heart pills daily. Hunny also used to have terrible skin allergies, severe itching and even loss of hair from the processed diet I had fed her on earlier in her life and now her coat is thick and shiny.I am so happy that my lovely girl is a lot more fitter and healthier than she was 3 years ago due to being on a much healthier diet . She turned 13 in February. Lab’s have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. Here’s to many more years with my girl Hunny xo.
I have also had my German Shepherd Kyzer on Raw Diet for 3 years. He will turn 9 in January. He is healthy, fit and no signs of arthritis which is quite common in this breed too.
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