Natural Pet Food

Naturaw for Pets

  • Our meals are the freshest possible, assuring the greatest nutrient value for your pet
  • Our foods provide complete nutrition for all Dogs and Cats, from puppies/kittens to seniors.
  • We are committed to pricing our meals as affordably as possible
  • We make it easy for you by delivering direct to your home 
  • We believe that every dog/cat is unique, and so is its diet
We think that the importance of a fresh, natural diet outweighs the issue of whether the meat used is raw or cooked. Although we believe that a raw food diet is best for most dogs and cats, we realize that such a product may not be appropriate for all pets (or owners), or that some pets (or owners) may need an intermediate step before switching to an all-raw diet. We are committed to enabling pet owners to recognize the benefits of a fresh food diet regardless of which alternative they choose. 

Changes In Your Dog’s Stool

One of the additional benefits of switching your pet to a raw dog food will quickly become apparent – you will see a significant reduction in the size and odour of your dog’s stool. Stools from raw-fed dogs tend to be smaller and firmer, as the dog is absorbing more nutrients from its food.

Other Benefits

  • Increased vitality and energy
  • Slow down, and even reverse, the effects of arthritis
  • Elimination of smelly coats/fur
  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Strengthened immunity to combat itching, allergies, arthritis, infections etc
  • Little to no hairballs in cats
  • Live Longer!
and of course not having to make as many trips to the vets – saving money.


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These are the latest pics of my beautiful Golden Lab Hunny who in 2012 was diagnosed with arthritis and a heart condition that would eventually have taken her from us too early if I had not changed her diet.Back in 2012 she could not even sit like this let alone do a “High 5” but being on my Naturaw diet she is not only more energetic, her arthritis has regressed.She used to have terribly swollen joints which are now very much diminished. She does not need to rely on steroids for her arthritis and does not require heart pills daily.  Hunny also used to have terrible skin allergies, severe itching and even loss of hair from the processed diet I had fed her on earlier in her life and now her coat is thick and shiny.I am so happy that my lovely girl is a lot more fitter and healthier than she was 2 years ago due to being on a much healthier diet . Hunny turned 14 on the 10 February 2016. Here’s to many more years with my girl Hunny xo



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