“Hi Cherie,
Arthur looks amazing!!!  You did his cut perfect, thank you.  I’ll definitely bring him to you from now on. “ 

Thanks for the great job on our 2 lads Bentley & Buddy. We’ll be back” 

“Been meaning to say thanks heaps for grooming Heidi last week, awesome job and have been passing yr name around!”

“Thanks again for walking my Monty”

“I used to go to ——– to have Marley groomed. They charged me $75. You are not only much cheaper you do a much better job!”

“ This is the best I have ever seen Jessie look”

“Thank you Cherie for taking such good care of Ralphie”

“Hey Cherie… Chiefy looks and smells soo good thank you so much!He really enjoys his walks with you too! 🙂 “

“There will definitely be many more opportunities to sit the boys. I’m so pleased we have you 🙂 “

“Hi Cherie!
Thanks so much for looking after Binx and Wiggles for us! They were pretty happy when we came home.”

“Hi Cherie,
Just wanted to say thank you very much for today’s groom. Dylan’s exhausted but happy and so are all of us. We love how he looks!”



Raw Natural Dog Food

 See the results for yourself.


These are the latest pics of my beautiful Golden Lab Hunny who in 2012 was diagnosed with arthritis and a heart condition that would eventually have taken her from us too early if I had not changed her diet.Back in 2012 she could not even sit like this let alone do a “High 5” but being on my Naturaw diet she is not only more energetic, her arthritis has regressed.She used to have terribly swollen joints which are now very much diminished. She does not need to rely on steroids for her arthritis and does not require heart pills daily. Hunny also used to have terrible skin allergies, severe itching and even loss of hair from the processed diet I had fed her on earlier in her life and now her coat is thick and shiny. I am so happy that my lovely girl is a lot more fitter and healthier than she was 2 years ago due to being on a much healthier diet . She will be 12 on the 10 February. Here’s to many more years with my girl Hunny xo


Hunny’s story

Hi! My name is Hunny. I am an 11 year old Golden Labrador and I live in Manukau with my owner Cherie . I have suffered from skin allergies all my life and now that I am eating Naturaw this is no longer an issue. It also has helped with my arthritis so I don’t need to take steroids which are not good for me.I have been eating this diet since the beginning of 2012.I am so happy that I am no longer itching and scratching anymore . I love the Animal Crackers too, ALL of them!

Using a natural raw food diet and also rubbing in vitamin E oil occasionally, this skin condition healed itself over 5-6 weeks without the need for antibiotics.

Hunny before Naturaw diet






















Hunny today


Duke’s’s story
Meet our boy Duke!

Duke on a “road trip”



















He found his way to us through a friend, back in 2007. He absolutely loves human company and craves all the attention we have to give. He gets very excited when it’s time for his daily walk and will stop for anyone who’ll offer him affection along the way. He would never miss an opportunity for a road trip and is often seen with his head out the window of our van, enjoying the ride with the biggest smile on his face.

Duke makes up the heart of our family and we feel it’s important to feed him with good food, made with love.
Since mid 2012, after hearing of how passionate Cherie is about her own dog’s health and wellbeing, we starting Duke on Cherie’s handmade Naturaw; her care and attention to product quality and service is obvious and Duke is often made to feel extra special when treats are included as well as cuddles on delivery. After feeding Naturaw, it wasn’t long before we noticed improvements in his coat and we have had no trouble at all with fleas. We believe he’s healthier from the inside-out.

We couldn’t be happier with Paws and Claws VIP Services and we’re sure Duke shares in our sentiments too!

Monique & Mike-Papakura




Harry’s story

Hi! My name is Harry. I am a German Shepherd Huntaway x and I  live in Pakuranga, Auckland with my owner Clare. I have been eating Naturaw since mid 2012. I love eating Naturaw it is very yummy!I love it so much I lick the bowl clean every time.My poos are smaller and less smellier which my owner Clare is very happy about and her flatmate too who occasionally walks me! My coat is looking very shiny now that I am eating Naturaw and other doggie owners admire me when I go for “walkies”. I also moult less. Clare says I am a lot more active and social than I used to be. I also love the Animal Cracker treats especially the “cat” shaped ones 😉



Zena’s story

Hi! My name is Zena and I live in the “Gardens” with my family. I am a Miniature Fox Terrier. The 1st pic is me as a baby when I was trying to help my mum with her knitting     🙂 . The 2nd pic is me now aged 2 years old, almost grown up. Aren’t I just too cute! I have been eating Naturaw since mid 2012 and I love it! I especially like the “nice garlic smell” and the “crunchy bones”.It makes my coat soft and shiny!I get very excited when it is “delivery day” and can’t wait until “Cherie” shows up with my yummy food and my treats of course! The Animal Crackers are very yummy and I share them with my doggie friends at the Botanical Gardens where I go for “walkies”. My family chooses Naturaw as they want me to live a longer, happier & healthier life !!

Zena’s family-The Gardens, Manukau


Poppy, Minty and Taz’s story:


Minty is a 12 year old cat who loves Paws & Claws Naturaw cat food. She has been on her food now since mid 2012. Her coat is so much more softer and not so knotty being a long haired cat. She looks forward to meal times. She was always vomiting up after a meal of tin food. No more furr balls. Minty is a lot more playful.


Poppy is 7 years old. Her coat is shinier and softer. She too loves the real meat. I cut open the packaging her food comes in and she likes to lick it clean.She is more active and her coat doesn’t have that “doggy smell”. Far less “doggy doos” as well.



Billy and Ben’s story:


Billy and Ben

Billy and Ben have been on the Naturaw diet since mid 2012. Cherie also walks them regularly. Billy and Ben get very excited when Cherie comes to walk them. They get walked to their favourite place at the Botanical Gardens where they can meet up and play with their doggie friends. Billy and Ben enjoy the Naturaw diet and the Animal Cracker treats that Cherie makes for them. They are very healthy for them.

Billy and Ben have also been looked after by Cherie when we have gone away. Cherie gives them very special attention and we are very happy with all the services that Paws & Claws provides and highly recommend them

Billy and Ben just love Cherie!!


Mike & Denise-Hillpark


Meet Axel and Dozer:



Axel is a 4 year old  American Bulldog. Dozer is an 18 month French Bulldog. Axel has been battling with skin problems all his life and Dozer developed skin problems as a puppy. Their owners Sarah and Troy were trying everything they could do to combat this. Vet Bills were becoming a nightmare.

A few days after starting on Naturaw back in June 2012 this is the feedback from Sarah

” Skin and coast on both dogs had significantly improved. Axel’s skin issue was so much improved. Dozer’s coat appeared silkier. Both dogs also seem significantly happier and more active. Bowel motions with both dogs much smaller and fewer. Would NEVER go back to Processed Dog Food. Both dogs were previously on the Science Diet. Not only are the dogs healthier on the inside and the outside, but my Vet Bills have been greatly reduced. Earlier this year Dozer won first prize in Top of his breed.

We buy Naturaw in bulk once a month and freeze it, suits us because it’s cheaper.We used to  a lot more on food for both dogs when they were on the biscuits. Not only is Naturaw cheaper it is so much healthier for them”

Sarah & Troy-Howick



Coppa is another very happy customer of Paws & Claws. Delicious healthy food and treats!

Russel Davis-Goodwood Heights



Honey :











Honey is a Maltese X Miniature Jack Russell. He is 3 years old.

Honey had the following Health problems prior to Naturaw Diet

  • Skin Problems & Dermatitis
  • Fungus in Ears
  • Skin Rashes
Honey was put on Naturaw in June 2012.
Honey’s fur became significantly softer and not so oily and scratching was reduced to virtually nothing. Not only did Honey’s skin problems disappear, but he also enjoys mealtimes more.
Cypress is an 8 year old Staffy X. Would you believe Cypress used to spend the majority of her time in her kennel? She was very unsociable.
After starting on Naturaw in June 2012 Cypress is now more “alive/perky”, not sluggish anymore and does not spend all her time in the Dog Kennel, i.e has become more social.
“I have been very happy with our dogs on the new diet. I used to spend about $50 per week on food for Honey and Cypress. I spend less than that with Naturaw diet and am not spending so much on Vet Bills and medications.
They especially enjoy Cherie’s  Homemade treats !!”
Jean -Papatoetoe




Basil, Yogi and Alfie :



Cherie looked after our Dog Basil the Bassett Hound and 2 cats Yogi and Alfie for 2 weeks when we went away for Christmas. Cheries visted them 2x a day and also walked Basil. Cherie not only fed them , but cleaned the cats’ dirt box, cleaned up after Basil outside, administered medication to Yogi. Cherie brushed them and cleaned their faces and gave them lots of cuddles. Cherie also put out the rubbish on the designated day, brought in the mail, watered plants etc at no extra cost. We found that Paws & Claws VIP Services were very reasonable and in fact cheaper than any other we looked at. Our pets were much happier to stay in their own home rather than placed in a cattery/kennel for the 2 weeks.They were all so lovely and relaxed whe we came home, they will certainly miss Cherie, especially Basil!!















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